Yoga with Amy Nold will help you learn to relieve suffering and improve, develop, and sustain your own health and well-being!

My mission is to help you learn to help yourself become healthier on all levels of your being with integrative practices you can adopt and adapt from time-honoured authentic Yoga. Once learned, you can utilize these practices to maintain and develop greater levels of health, strength, and well-being.


My programs are proven to help people of all ages, sizes, and fitness levels to attain more self-awareness and mind-body connection, mental and physical strength and agility, and increased inner peace, core calm, and true relaxation.

Group classes currently offered in the Greater Victoria area (Winter/Spring 2016)

Cedar Hill Recreation Centre -Yoga for 55+ / Thursdays Level 2 @ 9:30 - 11 am

Yogalates for 50+Fridays @ 9:45 -11:15am at Avalon Spa in Sidney BC

Yoga for Back Care - Sundays - 12:45  - 2:00 pm at Cedar Hill Rec

I am also a very experienced kirtan leader. I was mentored by Chaula Hopefisher during my residency at Kripalu Center in this sadhana, and brought it back to Victoria with me when I returned in 1998. Below is a clip of a 2010 kirtan at the Church of Truth with former partner, Marina Halleran, who sadly passed away in 2012. I am still available to lead Kirtan in sacred sanctuaries.


My Programs

Classes are theoretical yet highly experiential, fun yet deep, exploratory yet disciplined. The facilities I teach at feature state-of-the-art equipment, beautiful training rooms, and are clean and comfortable. Hope to see you soon!


"I'm always surprised how I always get exactly what I need from your class." Beth Langford, North Saanich BC

“This practice has become very very important in my life. I am so much more fit, aware, and alive than when before I started. I love the integration of body, mind and spirit.” Mable Jean, retired, 69

“I love the classes for the peace that comes from being led to “ ‘get inside’.” Eva Craycroft, retired, 78

“I enjoyed everything and find it very positive and helpful. I particularly appreciate your reminders to be less critical of ourselves. The classes are a great part of my life.” Vicki, writer, 64

“This was a very lovely experience. I find getting a bit more flexibility and the calming of my mind most valuable.” Yvonne Lewis, semi-retired, 67

"I felt safe to explore the limits of my muscles. I value learning to reconnect mind with body.” Jerry, student of life, 55

“The experience was nurturing and expanding for body and mind. The feelings of unity, serenity, and acceptance I found most valuable.” Penny Mills, retired. 67

“I like the relaxation and exercise. I find the experience overall very satisfying. That is why I keep coming back.” Yvonne, Fowler, homemaker, 79

“I find this class extremely beneficial for my mental and physical well-being. The asanas are sometimes challenging but always worthwhile. I love the mind body work and being in the group and being with and listening to Amy.” Glynis, teacher, 55

“I liked this class – it was a very good introduction to Yoga. It was valuable to learn to slow down my mind and listen to my body.” Laurie, dental hygienist, 43

“What I learned in the few classes with you made a world of difference with my fibromyalgia. Whereas before it hurt to walk very far, now I can walk miles a day with no pain. I liked the small class because you were able to see what I needed.Thank you from the bottom of my heart”. Joan Porter, retired