Yoga with Amy Nold will help you learn to relieve suffering and improve, develop, and sustain your own health and well-being!

My mission is to help you learn to help yourself become healthier on all levels of your being with integrative practices you can adopt and adapt from time-honoured authentic Yoga. Once learned, you can utilize these practices to maintain and develop greater levels of health, strength, and well-being.


My programs are proven to help people of all ages, sizes, and fitness levels to attain more self-awareness and mind-body connection, mental and physical strength and agility, and increased inner peace, core calm, and true relaxation.

Group classes currently offered in the Greater Victoria area (Winter/Spring 2016)

Cedar Hill Recreation Centre -Yoga for 55+ / Thursdays Level 2 @ 9:30 - 11 am

Yogalates for 50+Fridays @ 9:45 -11:15am at Avalon Spa in Sidney BC

Therapeutic for Spine and Joints Mobility - Weds. 7:15- 8:30 pm @ Avalon Spa in Sidney BC

Yoga for Back Care - Sundays - 12:45  - 2:00 pm at Cedar Hill Rec

I am also a very experienced kirtan leader. I was mentored by Chaula Hopefisher during my residency at Kripalu Center in this sadhana, and brought it back to Victoria with me when I returned in 1998. Below is a clip of a 2010 kirtan at the Church of Truth with former partner, Marina Halleran, who sadly passed away in 2012. I am still available to lead Kirtan in sacred sanctuaries.


My Programs

Classes are theoretical yet highly experiential, fun yet deep, exploratory yet disciplined. The facilities I teach at feature state-of-the-art equipment, beautiful training rooms, and are clean and comfortable. I also offer private instruction.Hope to see you soon!


"I'm always surprised how I always get exactly what I need from your class." Beth Langford, Community Nurse, North Saanich BC

"I LOVE this class (Yogalates). My whole body, especially my back feels great! And after the new Therapeutic class (Weds eve), I slept better than I have for years!!" Donna Grappo, retired Airline Administration

“This practice has become very very important in my life. I am so much more fit, aware, and alive than when before I started. I love the integration of body, mind and spirit.” Mable Jean, retired International Relations, 69

“I love the classes for the peace that comes from being led to “ ‘get inside’.” Eva Craycroft, retired, 78

“I enjoyed everything and find it very positive and helpful. I particularly appreciate your reminders to be less critical of ourselves. The classes are a great part of my life.” Vicki, writer, 64

“This was a very lovely experience. I find getting a bit more flexibility and the calming of my mind most valuable.” Yvonne Lewis, semi-retired, 67

"I felt safe to explore the limits of my muscles. I value learning to reconnect mind with body.” Jerry, student of life, 55

“The experience was nurturing and expanding for body and mind. The feelings of unity, serenity, and acceptance I found most valuable.” Penny Mills, retired. 67

“I like the relaxation and exercise. I find the experience overall very satisfying. That is why I keep coming back.” Yvonne, Fowler, homemaker, 79

“I find this class extremely beneficial for my mental and physical well-being. The asanas are sometimes challenging but always worthwhile. I love the mind body work and being in the group and being with and listening to Amy.” Glynis, teacher, 55

“I liked this class – it was a very good introduction to Yoga. It was valuable to learn to slow down my mind and listen to my body.” Laurie, dental hygienist, 43

“What I learned in the few classes with you made a world of difference with my fibromyalgia. Whereas before it hurt to walk very far, now I can walk miles a day with no pain. I liked the small class because you were able to see what I needed.Thank you from the bottom of my heart”. Joan Porter, retired